T-Shirt Gildan 150gr. | White ref:30

white ref:30 Heliconia ref:10 Cardinal red ref:11 Sapphire ref:26 Navy ref:32 Forest green ref:33 Black ref:36 Orange ref:37 Sand ref:38 Red ref:40 Charcoal ref:42 Royal ref:51 Light blue ref:69 Indigo blue ref:80 Purple ref:81 Chestnut ref:84 Daisy ref:98 dark chocolate ref:105 military green ref:106 dark heather ref:108 irish green ref:167 heather navy ref:170 kiwi ref:186 cherry red ref:194 heather irish green ref:215 heather royal ref:218 heather military green ref:231 heather purple ref:232 Antique Cherry Red ref:246 Antique Heliconia ref:247 antique sapphire ref:254 heather orange ref:259 sport gray ring spun ref:295 Cobalt ref:445 Mint green ref:455 Cornsilk ref:475

Product Description

Gildan 1064000

  • European-cut T-Shirt with soft knit. 100% pre-shrunk jersey cotton, with soft, polished 30 weight thread
  • Very comfortable, tactile T-Shirt, due to its fine, soft weave and off-shoulder cut.
  • Grammage: 150g/m2. Grey T-Shirts: 35% cotton / 65% polyester. Perfect for making customized screen-printed T-Shirts.

Why have we chosen this model?

  • First of all, we should explain who these Gildan guys are. This Canadian multinational has done away with a good slice of the American and European market, due to their resistant, quality, affordable clothing. It's true, they're not glamorous, and you won't see celebrities with this T-Shirt, but if you take a look at the large T-Shirt printing websites, you'll notice that many of them work with Gildan. Now why would that be?
  • Second, Gildan have come up with a catalogue of surprising colors, which stand out from the norm. This T-Shirt comes in more than 30 different colors, including some as curious-sounding as "heather maroon" or "heather royal". If you're looking for something different, this is the T-Shirt for you.
  • In terms of the cut, this T-Shirt, although it comes from the US, is decidedly European. We're not talking about a kilometrically oversized T-Shirt, quite the contrary: this Gildan model fits perfectly on the shoulders (thanks to the bordered neck from shoulder to shoulder).

In Detail



S 46x70 cm
M 50x73 cm
L 56x76 cm
XL 61x78 cm
XXL 66x81 cm

Measurements in cm. Margin of +-2.5cm indicated by manufacturer.