T-Shirt Gildan 190gr. | White ref:030

 ref:003 heliconia ref:010 cardinal red ref:011 lime ref:012 light pink ref:020 gold ref:024 sapphire ref:026 white ref:030 natural ref:031 navy ref:032 forest green ref:033 black ref:036 orange ref:037 sand ref:038 red ref:040 charcoal ref:042 royal ref:051 light blue ref:069 azalea ref:071 indigo blue ref:080 purple ref:081 maroon ref:083 violet ref:087 ash gray ref:093 sport gray bleach ref:095 daisy ref:098 dark chocolate ref:105 military green ref:106 dark heather ref:108 carolina blue ref:109 irish green ref:167 kiwi ref:186 sky ref:187 heather sapphire ref:217 aubergine ref:220 old gold ref:222 Antique Cherry Red ref:246 antique irish green ref:248 antique jade dome ref:249 antique orange ref:252 antique sapphire ref:254 russet ref:274 blackberry ref:278 lilac ref:284 sunset ref:285 midnight ref:286 Cobalt ref:445 Mint green ref:455

Product Description

Gildan 105000

  • 100% cotton, short-sleeve T-Shirt that works for everyone.
  • Double neck and sleeve seams and interior hemming
  • Bordered from shoulder to shoulder. Tubular knit.

Why have we chosen this model?

  • This T-Shirt is a great choice for anyone who wants to create American style T-Shirts that are not actually American.
  • We'll explain ourselves: this T-Shirt is created with heavy American cotton. This gives it a different feel to T-Shirts made from combed or ring-spun cotton. Also, garments are larger than usual, without quite reaching the standards of bagginess seen in hip-hop films. You might say this is an American T-Shirt, adapted to the European market.
  • While the Gildan 150g model is available in more than 30 colors, the 190g model comes in more than 40 different shades. Some also have strange-sounding names, like "antique sapphire" or "heather orange".

In Detail



S 46x71 cm
M 51x74 cm
L 56x76 cm
XL 61x79 cm
XXL 66x81 cm

Measurements in cm. Margin of +-2.5cm indicated by manufacturer.