T-Shirt Sols 150gr. | White ref:102

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Product Description

Sols 0411380

  • Short-sleeved T-Shirt, 100% semi-combed cotton.
  • With classic tube style.
  • Reinforced neck binding, ribbed with elastane

Why have we chosen this model?

  • First of all, because it's one of the few T-Shirts in the advertising world that doesn't double up as a bag for going to the gym or a dishcloth for polishing vases.
  • The garment features 150g of REAL semi-combed cotton, unusual for this type of T-Shirt, and a fitted cut without being skin-tight.
  • The garment won't contain any surprises, like an accidentally stitched-up elbow or overly tight neck that restricts breathing.
  • It's available in 37 different real colors. When we say "real", we mean that they are a constant feature of our purchase plan, and very rarely out of stock.
  • This T-Shirt allows a low-cost entry point into the world of design, without skimping on quality.

In Detail



XS 49x62 cm
S 50x69 cm
M 53x72 cm
L 56x74 cm
XL 58x76 cm
XXL 62X78 cm
3XL 64x80 cm

Measurements in cm. Margin of +-2.5cm indicated by manufacturer.