• We work with the Pantone Solid Uncoated color range.
  • We also print with metallic inks.
  • We also print with transparent inks.
  • You don't need to work in CMYK for screen-printing.
  • For screen-printing, 8bits/channel color is more than sufficient. A 16-bit RGB file is 8 times heavier than its 8-bit counterpart.
  • If you work with pantone colors, check that no object with CMYK or RGB values remains before sending us the file. (You can check by printing out each separation).


  • Send us your designs, separated by color. We'll take care of the rest.
  • Try to work with the actual size of the pattern to obtain optimal quality.

Files / Sheets / Documents

  • From the very beginning, work with the printing size of 300 points per inch (dpi).
  • Don't confuse dots per inch with dots per centimeter. This will increase file size by 6 times, and will slow down workflow.
  • We don't need the file to be separated into layers. Send the definitive version of your design with all layers merged.
  • Send a file with ALL typefaces outlined.
  • Don't include lines of less than 1pt width; we can't promise that they'll come out. If you need to include lines, make sure they're at least 1.25pt.
  • We accept files in format JPG - PDF - AI - TIFF.

Don't even think about

  • Word NO
  • PowerPoint NO
  • MS Paint NO
  • Excel NO
  • Comic Sans… NOOOOOOOO!!!!