How we do it

By traditional screen-printing.

We do things the way our grandparents did, but with the help of a mechanical color station. As you already know, it's a handcrafted process. T-Shirt by T-Shirt and color by color.

In Wikipedia, they give an excellent description of screen-printing.

The inks:

  1. We use the Pantone Solid color range for color choice.
  2. We use phthalate-free inks for printing.
  3. PDF ink spec sheet

The workshop in action:

Pattern location

We print on the T-Shirt front and back

Bear in mind that we cannot stamp over seams (hems and side seams, neck etc.). We always leave a safety margin.

We'll adjust the distance between the neck and design according to our experience. In any case, if you'd like you can indicate the measurements and we'll try to respect them when it comes to printing. Remember that this process is done by hand.


Standard screens: 30x30cm
XL screens: 38x45cm